How To Choose The Best Vapor Pen

After deciding to make the switch to vaping, you need to choose the best vapor pen for your needs. Since there are hundreds of vape pens on the market, it may take you some time to find the right product. There are several factors that you need to consider. For this reason, you should never rush to buy the first product that you find. Be sure to take your time to analyze the following factors before purchasing a vapor pen:


i) Type of Vapor Pen

There are many types of vape pens. They are basically classified based on the type of concentrate they use. There are vape pens for dry herbs, waxes, and e-juice. If you would like to use dry herbs, be sure to buy a vape pen for dry herbs. If you want to use waxes, be sure to buy a vape pen for waxes. Otherwise, you can buy a vape pen for e-juices, which are the most popular. If you would like the option of using both dry herbs and juices, or waxes and dry herbs, you may want to buy a vape pen that can be used with more than one type of concentrate. The good news is that there are many 3-in-one vapor pens on the market. 


ii) Design and Size

The design of a vape pen is a key factor of consideration. You want a small, sleek and compact vapor pen that can easily fit into your pocket and look discrete. The good news is that most vape pens, as the name suggests, are almost the same size as your average pen or traditional cigarette, so they are completely discrete. 


iii) Tank Size

Some vapes come with a 2ml tank while others feature a 4ml tank. Since you want a vape that can hold enough e-juice for your needs, be sure to choose a vape with a suitable tank. A bigger tank is desirable unless it will affect the size of the vape pen. Therefore, you need to balance between the size of the vapor pen and tank capacity. 


iv) Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery in terms of mAh is a key factor of consideration. You want a vape pen with a battery that is rated at least 2,500mAh to ensure you will not need to recharge the battery regularly. When full, the battery will give you hundreds of puffs, thereby meeting your needs whenever you need it. 


v) Price

Vape pens are available at different prices depending on specifications, manufacturer and where you make the purchase. Ideally, you should identify products that match all your other needs and compare the prices quoted by different vendors for those products. The most affordable vapor pen should be purchased.

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