Getting The Most Out Of Your Vaporizer Pen

When you are new to vaping, it is normal to get slightly overwhelmed with a few concepts. Like any other life endeavor, there is a learning curve to this fantastic hobby. This shouldn't scare you though; with time, you will be accustomed to a number of tips and tricks that work best for you. In the meantime, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your vape pen: 

1. Know how to disassemble your pen the right way

Disassembling your vape pen may seem like a tedious task, especially when you are just starting out. However, with time, it will be a breeze. It is advisable to remove your vape tank or atomizer from time to time, particularly if it was recently filed with e-liquid. This is to prevent potential spills or leaks that often occur. Remember, when the e-juice makes contact with your vape pen's button, serious damage can occur to your device.  Because good vape pens don't come cheap, it would be a big shame to see your pen stall in the first week of your purchase. Accordingly, strive to always understand the basic steps of doing this process right. 


2. Pack a full oven

After you've finely grounded your dry herb, you need to pack its chamber firmly so that it sits tight (and your oven is full). You only need to remember not to pack the herb chamber so tight that air wouldn't go through your herb. As a guide, the chamber should be tight enough so that nothing is loose and the oven is dense. But the oven shouldn't be so dense to restrict airflow into the chamber. Remember that a loose oven won't produce vapor.


3. Use a good Grinder

With most vapor pens, you will only get the best performance and excellent vaping experience if your grind your herbs as finely as possible. As a rule of the thumb, the herb should have a lot of exposed surface area to allow the hot air that travels through it to pick up the terpenes and its other vital contents or composition. What's more, a bigger surface area will make your herb to burn evenly, making your vaping experience more enjoyable. 



One of the top reasons why you've opted for a vaporizer pen is to enjoy, so always make an effort do so authoritatively. While some of the tips highlighted here might seem a bit scary or over the top, they will go a long way in improving your awareness of the possible scenarios out there. As you enjoy vaping with your new pen, take what you've learned here and shared it with a newbie vaper you come across in your community.

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